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Dirge of Cerberus

Death Penalty

Vincent Valentine fans
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Welcome to valentinesniper, the first Vincent Valentine community on livejournal!

This is a community dedicated to Vincent Valentine of FFVII. All Vincent Valentine fans are welcome to join and share your love/admiration/whatever for the former Turk.

1) NO flaming. Discussions of things are different, but when you come into the community just to say "vincent sucks!" or something about a specific member, you will immediately be banned from the community. This community has open membership, but that doesn't mean I'll tolerate rudeness.
2)Please try to keep the conversation on-topic. Promotion is allowed, but only if it's related to Vincent, Square-Enix, gaming or the final fantasy series in some way. So no rating communities promotion, please.
3) Large or multiple pictures must be placed under a cut.
4) You can post fanarts, fanfics or anything of the like as long as it's related to Vincent or FFVII
5) Most importantly treat others kindly and with respect and have fun!

For information on the new Square-enix game starring Vincent please go here

Vincent Valentine is copyrighted by Square Enix

If you have any questions/comments please email/IM me. Thanks!

Mod mako_anime
Email- sugardevil @ gmail.com
IM- BurritYO

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