ALC (jackks) wrote in valentinesniper,

Turk Vincent Sim

 Hi guys!  To coincide with Vincent Valentine's birthday (albeit, a little late...) I've created him in the Sims2 in all his poofy emo Turk glory!

Check out a screen shot montage here:  

EDIT:  The first version had a bugged install, fixed that and updated the link.

You can download him here:


The download includes:

-Turk outfit.
-Red eye colour.
-Turk Vincent to appear in your sim bin.

The only thing I didn't create for it was the hair (created by Coris) which you have to download seperately from here:

Distribution policy:

Please do not upload Vincent or his Turk outfit without asking me permission first.  You may however, upload the eyes/include them in a Sim pack as long as you credit me and link back to my website:

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